Bitter Pit and Cork Spot Quiz

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Bitter Pit and Cork Spot Quiz

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Reference: Bitter Cork and Spot Fact Sheet.

1) Bitter pit and cork spot are related disorders associated with a lack of magnesium in apple fruits.(Required)
2) Bitter pit and cork spot are both characterized by a browning of apple fruit tissue.(Required)
3) Bitter pit can develop both before or after harvest, while cork spot develops only after harvest.(Required)
4) Overfertilizing apple trees with nitrogen can lead to an increase in bitter pit.(Required)
5) Heavy pruning of apple trees tends to decrease the incidence of bitter pit because more nutrients are shunted to the smaller number of developing fruits on remaining branches.(Required)
6) Apple trees under water stress are more prone to bitter pit, while excessively watered trees tend to have fewer problems with the disorder.(Required)
7) Larger apple fruits tend to have increased problems with bitter pit compared to smaller apple fruits.(Required)
8) You can decrease the likelihood of seeing bitter pit by(Required)