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Reference: Dodder Fact Sheet.

1) Dodder is a type of parasitic plant that absorbs nutrients from the plants that it parasitizes.(Required)
2) Plants that dodder can parasitize include(Required)
3) Dodder looks like a mass of yellow, orange, or dark green spaghetti.(Required)
4) Dodder seeds typically do not survive long in the soil.(Required)
5) Crop rotation (e.g., planting corn, soybeans, wheat) in areas where dodder has been a problem can be a useful management strategy.(Required)
6) Crop rotation for dodder management may not be successful if you do not keep weeds under control.(Required)
7) Simply removing and burning dodder, as well as parasitized plants or plant parts can help in dodder management.(Required)
8) Both pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides are available for dodder control.(Required)