Root Rots on Houseplants Quiz

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Root Rots on Houseplants Quiz

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Reference: Root Rots on Houseplants Fact Sheet.

1) Most houseplants are susceptible to root rots.(Required)
2) Root rots on houseplants are often lethal.(Required)
3) Symptoms of root rots on houseplants can include(Required)
4) Root rots on houseplants are caused by(Required)
5) Use of fungicide treatments is a common method for managing root rots of houseplants.(Required)
6) If houseplants are suffering from root rots, overwatering can make the problem worse.(Required)
7) Often, if you have a houseplant with a root rot problem, throwing the plant out and starting over with a new plant is the best option for management.(Required)
8) If you have had a plant with a root rot problem growing in a plastic pot, it's fine to reuse the pot as long as you decontaminate the pot by soaking it in bleach.(Required)