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Reference: Oak Wilt Fact Sheet.

1) Only red oaks are susceptible to oak wilt.(Required)
2) Oak wilt can kill trees within a single season.(Required)
3) Oak wilt is caused by a(Required)
4) The oak wilt pathogen is often moved from tree to tree by two-lined chestnut borer.(Required)
5) The insects that move the oak wilt pathogen from tree to tree are attracted to wounded trees.(Required)
6) In oak groves, the oak wilt pathogen can move from tree to tree through root grafts.(Required)
7) Chemical treatments are available for oak wilt management and work best when used after symptoms of oak wilt are visible.(Required)
8) Before you cut down a tree with oak wilt, it is important to sever root grafts between the infected tree and nearby oak trees.(Required)
9) Wood harvested from an oak with oak wilt can serve as a reservoir of the pathogen and requires special handling to reduce the potential for spread of the pathogen.(Required)
10) If you must prune an oak during the growing season, be sure to immediately paint over the wound to make it less attractive to insects that transmit the oak wilt pathogen.(Required)