Thank you so much for forwarding those articles again! I sure didn’t expect a response so soon, especially over the weekend! UW-Madison should feel blessed to have such an extraordinary employee! 🙂

As long as you don’t mind if I feel it necessary to contact you again sometime, I just may do that if we have trouble with our next crop of apples.

Thank you, Brian! Your help is greatly appreciated!!

– Shelley Hines

Thank you for being the most enthusiastic and interesting speaker to date at our Master Gardeners Level 1 Training course in Port Washington!  I had to reach out and thank you for the upbeat and knowledgeable presentation on Tuesday evening this week.  I never thought I’d enjoy a lecture on plant diseases but lo and behold, I truly enjoyed the time.

And many thanks as well for the insight on the tar spot on my parkway maple trees.  I’ll watch for potential spread to my Schwedler Maple and give you heads up if it happens—per your direction.

– Jenna Smith, Ozaukee County Master Gardener

I don’t frequently write letters concerning good or bad experiences with service providers, academic or otherwise, but I really want to call out Brian Hudelson as an outstanding performer.  I am having some ongoing problems with a home orchard: apples, pears, plums, cherries, peaches and apricots.  Brian has been working with me since early July in trying to sort these issues out.  From the outset, his responsiveness has been amazing.  He answered my introductory email on a Sunday, and continues to answer questions well within 24 hours of my sending them.  He’s probably tired of hearing from me at this point, yet he continues to provide excellent, timely information and advice.  In this era of outsourcing and automation, it is refreshing and unusual to receive this type of thoughtful, researched advice.  I very much appreciate Brian’s in depth knowledge, and his willingness to work with me.

– Eileen E. Kennedy, Esq.

25 years in dairy practice, and I suspected ergot toxicity once. And never saw the ergot bodies until I saw them in your lab.

UW Extension is a gift to the state, both to professionals like I was in practice and to ordinary guys like I am know. I truly appreciate the service from, for example, your lab and the insect lab.

– Peter Vanderloo