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Reference: Microdochium Patch Fact Sheet.

1) Microdochium patch affects cool-season turfgrasses such as Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and fine fescue.(Required)
2) Microdochium patch is also sometimes referred to as dollar spot.(Required)
3) Symptoms and signs associated with Microdochium patch include(Required)
4) Microdochium patch is more likely to occur under cool, wet conditions and where soil pH is low.(Required)
5) Microdochium patch is caused by a(Required)
6) The Microdochium patch pathogen can grow on turf covered with snow.(Required)
7) Dethatching your lawn can help manage Microdochium patch, as the pathogen survives in turf debris.(Required)
8) Increasing nitrogen fertilization of a lawn, particularly in the fall, is useful for managing Microdochium patch. This stimulates new leaf production to replace leaves that have been killed by the disease.(Required)
9) Use of preventative fungicide sprays is a cost-effective way to manage Microdochium patch.(Required)