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Root Rots in the Garden Quiz

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Reference: Root Rots in the Garden Fact Sheet.

1) Most plants are susceptible to root rots.(Required)
2) Root rots are rarely lethal.(Required)
3) Symptoms of root rots can include(Required)
4) Root rots are caused by(Required)
5) Rhizoctonia solani and Fusarium are two root rot pathogens that produce thick-walled resting spores that can survive for decades in the soil.(Required)
6) Root rots tend to be more of a problem when soil moisture is low, which stresses plants and makes them more susceptible to infection.(Required)
7) If you have a plant with root rot, digging up the plant and moving it to another area in your garden is a good idea and will typically take care of the problem.(Required)
8) Fungicides can be useful in the management of root rots. The products available for root rot control have broad spectrums of activity, so you don't need to know the exact organism(s) involved in the disease.(Required)