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Basil Downy Mildew Quiz

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Reference: Basil Downy Mildew Fact Sheet.

1) Typical symptoms of basil downy mildew include(Required)
2) Green-leafed varieties of sweet basil tend to be more susceptible to basil downy mildew than purple-leafed varieties.(Required)
3) Ornamental hoary basil is highly susceptible to basil downy mildew.(Required)
4) Basil downy mildew is caused by a(Required)
5) The basil downy mildew pathogen can be introduced into a garden on contaminated seed, infected basil transplants, or via windborne sporangia.(Required)
6) Wet leaves (e.g., from frequent rains or use of a sprinkler to water plants) provide an environment that is very favorable for basil downy mildew development.(Required)
7) Spacing basil plants farther apart in a garden can help reduce the severity of basil downy mildew.(Required)
8) Using fungicides is a common and effective method for basil downy mildew control.(Required)