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Purple-Bordered Leaf Spot Quiz

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Reference: Purple-Bordered Leaf Spot Fact Sheet.

1) Purple-bordered leaf spot is a common and often lethal disease of maple trees.(Required)
2) Symptoms of purple-bordered leaf spot are roughly circular dead spots with a distinct dark (e.g., red, purple, brown) border.(Required)
3) As spots from purple-bordered leaf spot age, the centers can fall out, leaving holes in affected leaves.(Required)
4) Purple-bordered leaf spot can cause defoliation of affected trees.(Required)
5) Purple-bordered leaf spot is caused by a(Required)
6) The purple-bordered leaf spot pathogen readily survives not only in leaf litter but in the soil.(Required)
7) If you observe purple-bordered leaf spot on an established tree one year, you should apply preventative fungicide treatments the following year.(Required)
8) To reduce problems with purple-bordered leaf spot, leaf litter from affected trees can be(Required)