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White Pine Blister Rust Quiz

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Reference: White Pine Blister Rust Fact Sheet.

1) White pine blister rust primarily affects white pine but can also affect white spruce.(Required)
2) White pine blister rust is caused by a(Required)
3) The white pine blister rust pathogen is an alternating rust. It requires two plant hosts to complete its life cycle. Alternate plant hosts for the pathogen are gooseberries and currants.(Required)
4) Typical signs and symptoms associated with white pine blister rust on conifer hosts can include(Required)
5) Pruning out infected branches will always be effective in limiting spread of the white pine blister rust pathogen into the main trunk of a tree.(Required)
6) Removing gooseberries and currants within 200 ft. of susceptible conifer trees can help manage white pine blister rust.(Required)
7) Watering susceptible conifers using a sprinkler will not increase the likelihood of seeing white pine blister rust.(Required)
8) Removing weeds from around susceptible trees (particularly when they are seedlings) can help prevent infections by the white pine blister rust pathogen.(Required)