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Reference: Early Blight Fact Sheet.

1) Early blight is a disease specific to tomato.(Required)
2) Common symptoms of early blight can include(Required)
3) Symptoms of early blight typically begin on the uppermost leaves of a plant and work their way down the plant.(Required)
4) Early blight is caused by a(Required)
5) The early blight pathogen readily survives in soil in the absence of tomato debris.(Required)
6) Increasing the spacing between tomato plants can help prevent early blight.(Required)
7) Watering tomatoes with a sprinkler will help prevent early blight, as it washes the pathogen off the leaves and into the soil where it cannot infect.(Required)
8) Mulching under tomato plants can be useful in managing early blight. You can use virtually any kind of mulch, including chopped up potato debris from last year's garden.(Required)