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Foliar Nematodes Quiz

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Reference: Foliar Nematodes Fact Sheet.

1) Foliar nematodes are microscopic insects.(Required)
2) Foliar nematodes can affect hundreds of different types of plants and commonly cause problems on hostas.(Required)
3) Foliar nematodes typically cause severe damage that kills plants.(Required)
4) The most common symptoms caused by foliar nematodes are(Required)
5) Foliar nematodes are typically introduced into a garden on infected/infested plants(Required)
6) Symptoms of foliar nematodes typically show up early in the growing season.(Required)
7) Foliar nematodes are easily moved from plant to plant by rain splash.(Required)
8) Foliar nematodes can be managed in home gardens using chemical treatments.(Required)
9) Hot water treatments can be used to eliminate foliar nematodes from high-value plants.(Required)
10) Spacing plants farther apart in a garden can help prevent spread of foliar nematodes.(Required)