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Reference: Butternut Canker Fact Sheet.

1) Butternut canker is a severe and typically lethal disease of butternut trees. It can also affect black walnut trees but with minimal damage.(Required)
2) Butternut canker is caused by a(Required)
3) Often with butternut canker, multiple infections can occur on a single tree. Damage caused by these individual infections can eventually merge, causing severe disruption of water-conducting tissue in tree trunks, and leading to branch dieback and eventual tree death.(Required)
4) The pathogen that causes butternut canker can enter trees through wounds, including natural wounds such as leaf and branch scars.(Required)
5) Insects are not known to move the butternut pathogen from tree to tree.(Required)
6) Management of butternut canker involves(Required)
7) Some butternut trees have resistance to butternut canker.(Required)