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The PDDC has been authorized to begin accepting a limited number of physical samples again.  Click here for details on the new submission process.

The PDDC will still be relying heavily on making digital diagnoses.  Click here to submit your photos.  There is no charge for digital diagnoses.

Clinic Services

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Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2019
Fees and services subject to change without notice.

Clinic Sample Submission Brochure

Standard Diagnostics Tests

Service Notes Fee
Digital analysis fee Examination of digital photos of diseased plants submitted via email. None
Base fee Charged for all physical samples submitted from a single plant.  Includes visual and microscopic examination, and incubation in a moist/humid chamber where needed. $20.00
Culturing fee Charged when fungal or bacterial pathogens need to be grown from samples.  Typically these fees would not exceed $10 per plant part (e.g., roots or branches) tested. $5.00
per plant part/growth medium combination
Dip stick serological test fee Includes (but is not limited to) tests for arabis mosaic, cucumber mosaic, fire blight, impatiens necrotic spot, Phytophthora diseases (e.g., root rot), potyvirus diseases, powdery scab, tobacco mosaic, tomato spotted wilt. $8.00
per test
ELISA serological test fee Includes (but is not limited to) the test for apple mosaic. $35.00
DNA-based (PCR) test fee Includes (but is not limited to) tests for crown gall, hops downy mildew and powdery mildew, oak wilt, phytoplasma diseases, powdery scab, soft rots (caused by Dickeya spp. and Pectobacterium spp.), Xanthomonas diseases. $35.00
for the first test + $15.00 per each additional test
RNA-based (PCR) test fee Includes (but is not limited to) tests for carlavirus diseases, corky ringspot, tobacco rattle. $35.00
for the first test + $15.00 per each additional test
DNA-sequencing fee Used when other tests are inconclusive.  Fees for culturing and/or PCR would also apply for samples requiring sequencing. $35.00


Other Diagnostic Test

Service Notes Price
Aphanomyces soil analysis
(race specific)
A minimum of 1.5 to 2 gallons of soil per 40 acre area is required. $150.00
Pea/snap bean root rot soil analysis A minimum of 1.5 to 2 gallons of soil per 40 acre area is required. $75.00
Verticillium quantitative soil analysis Call for details and to discuss limitations of this test prior to submitting a sample $75.00
Soybean cyst nematode analysis A minimum of 2 cups of soil is required $35.00
Two-lined chestnut borer analysis $5.00


Some Notes about Fees

The PDDC will make every effort to keep the cost of a diagnosis as low as possible.  Fees help cover the cost of equipment/supplies/labor needed to process a sample, but not covered by state or federal funds that the PDDC receives.  Fees also help support PDDC outreach programs throughout Wisconsin. 

 Please feel free to contact the PDDC to discuss possible tests and associated fees for your specific sample prior to submission.  If no specific testing requests or cost limitations are noted at the time of submission, the PDDC reserves the right to determine which tests are most appropriate for a given sample.

 In most instances, the fee for homeowner samples will be $50 or less.  Fees for most commercial samples will be $100 or less.  However, exceptions may arise. 

 Please *DO NOT* enclose a payment with your sample.  You will be billed for any work after your analysis has been completed and at the time that your report is sent to you. 

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