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Root and Crown Rots Quiz

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Reference: Root and Crown Rots Fact Sheet.

1) Root and crown rots can affect both coniferous and deciduous trees.(Required)
2) Root and crown rots can be lethal diseases.(Required)
3) Symptoms of root and crown rots can include(Required)
4) Root and crown rots are caused by(Required)
5) Some root and crown rot pathogens produce resting structures that can survive for decades in the soil.(Required)
6) Root and crown rots tend to be more of a problem when soil moisture is high. So, make sure not to overmulch around trees and shrubs.(Required)
7) If you have a heavy soil, you should try to improve soil drainage prior to planting trees and shrubs to prevent issues with root and crown rots. You should do this by adding sand to the soil.(Required)
8) Fungicides can be useful in the management of root and crown rots. The products available for root/crown rot control have broad spectrums of activity, so you don't need to know the exact organism(s) involved in the disease.(Required)