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Ralstonia Wilt Quiz

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Reference: Ralstonia Wilt Fact Sheet.

1) Ralstonia wilt has been detected in Wisconsin on geraniums but is more of a concern in Wisconsin as a disease of potatoes.(Required)
2) Ralstonia wilt is typically a lethal disease.(Required)
3) Ralstonia wilt is caused by a(Required)
4) Ralstonia wilt is regulated by the federal government because certain variants of the pathogen could potentially be weaponized and used by terrorists against US agriculture.(Required)
5) Symptoms of Ralstonia wilt include yellowing and wilting of leaves or entire sections of affected plants.(Required)
6) Symptoms of Ralstonia wilt could potentially be confused with those of Botrytis blight/gray mold.(Required)
7) Management of Ralstonia wilt involves(Required)