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Reference: Boxwood Blight Fact Sheet.

1) At this time, boxwood blight is a common problem in the eastern US but has not been detected in Wisconsin.(Required)
2) In addition to boxwood, boxwood blight can also affect pachysandra.(Required)
3) The boxwood blight pathogen is likely to be introduced to a new geographical location via(Required)
4) Symptoms of boxwood blight can include leaf spotting, defoliation, branch dieback, and shrub death.(Required)
5) The boxwood blight fungus survives only a short period of time in infected leaves that have dropped from boxwood shrubs.(Required)
6) Debris from infected boxwood shrubs can be safely composted.(Required)
7) Boxwood blight resistant boxwood varieties are available.(Required)
8) When designing a new garden, you should consider using shrubs other than boxwood.(Required)
9) Curative fungicide treatments are available to treat boxwood shrubs suffering from boxwood blight.(Required)