Clinic Services Update (1/1/24)

Visit our Digital Diagnosis page to submit photos for a digital diagnosis.  A $20 fee applies.  Visit our Sample Collection and Submission page for details on the clinic’s current physical sample submission process.  Prices vary for this service.  For a complete list of fees, visit our Fees page.
If you are from outside Wisconsin, please contact the PDDC *before* you submit a sample.


The University of Wisconsin-Madison/Extension Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic (PDDC) provides assistance in identifying plant diseases and provides educational information on plant diseases and their control.

Alternaria Leaf Spot of American Ginseng

PDDC clients include agricultural and horticultural producers (e.g., farmers, nursery owners), agricultural and horticultural professionals (e.g., crop consultants, arborists), home gardeners, Extension staff and Master Gardener volunteers, and state and local government (e.g., Wisconsin DNR, city and county foresters).

While the Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic focuses on plant disease problems in the state of Wisconsin, any interested party is welcome and encouraged to take advantage of and participate in the Clinic’s educational services and activities.

If after exploring this website, you have questions about PDDC services feel free to contact the clinic at 608-262-2863 or bdh@plantpath.wisc.edu.

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