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Reference: Dead Man's Fingers Fact Sheet.

1) Dead man's fingers are reproductive structures produced by certain organisms, some of which are disease-causing organisms (pathogens), others of which are wood rot organisms.(Required)
2) Dead man's fingers are typically found around stressed trees, rather than around healthy, vigorously growing trees.(Required)
3) Dead man's fingers are produced by(Required)
4) Symptoms/signs you might see on trees where you observe dead man's fingers include(Required)
5) When cutting down a tree infected with a dead man's fingers-producing pathogen, there is no need to remove the stump or roots of the tree. The pathogen dies out rapidly once the tree is dead.(Required)
6) You can buy apple varieties that are resistant to dead man's fingers-producing pathogens.(Required)
7) To avoid problems with dead man's fingers-producing pathogens, be sure to water, mulch and fertilize susceptible trees properly.(Required)