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Vegetable Varieties for Containers

Authors: Vijai Pandian, Extension Horticulture Outreach Specialist
Last Revised: 02/08/2021
D-number: XHT1273

Growing plants in containers (referred to as container gardening) is an easy way to grow and maintain vegetables.  Vegetables grown in containers can easily fit on a window sill, balcony, deck, door step or any other place where space is limited but where environmental conditions are suitable for vegetable production.

The list below contains recommendations on varieties of popular vegetables that are well-suited for growing in containers.

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[accordion-item autoclose=”true” clicktoclose=”true” title=”Bean” class=”Bean”]

  • ‘Derby’
  • ‘Eureka’
  • ‘Mascotte’
  • ‘Porch Pick’
  • ‘Tendercrop’
  • ‘Topcrop’


[accordion-item autoclose=”true” clicktoclose=”true” title=”Beet” class=”Beet”]

  • ‘Burpee’s Golden’
  • ‘Chioggia’
  • Detroit Dark Red Medium Top’
  • ‘Ruby Queen’


[accordion-item autoclose=”true” clicktoclose=”true” title=”Carrot” class=”Carrot”]

  • ‘Danver’s Half Long’
  • ‘Little Finger’
  • ‘Nantes Half Long’
  • ‘Paris Market’
  • ‘Yaya’


[accordion-item autoclose=”true” clicktoclose=”true” title=”Cucumber” class=”Cucumber”]

  • ‘Bush Champion’
  • ‘Bush Pickle’
  • ‘Iznik’
  • ‘Parisian Gherkin’
  • ‘Patio Snacker’
  • ‘Salad Bush’
  • ‘Saladmore Bush’
  • ‘Space Master’
  • ‘Sugar Crunch’


[accordion-item autoclose=”true” clicktoclose=”true” title=”Eggplant” class=”Eggplant”]

  • ‘Dusky’
  • ‘Early Midnight’
  • ‘Gretel’
  • ‘Hansel’
  • ‘Ivory’
  • ‘Ophelia’
  • ‘Patio Baby’
  • ‘Pinstripe’


[accordion-item autoclose=”true” clicktoclose=”true” title=”Okra” class=”Okra”]

  • ‘Carmine Splendor’
  • ‘Clemson Spineless’
  • ‘Jambalaya’


[accordion-item autoclose=”true” clicktoclose=”true” title=”Pea” class=”Pea”]

  • ‘Caselode’
  • ‘Peas-in-a-Pot’
  • ‘Sugar Ann’


[accordion-item autoclose=”true” clicktoclose=”true” title=”Pepper” class=”Pepper”]

  • ‘Cajun Belle’
  • ‘Cayennetta’
  • ‘Cherry Stuffer’
  • ‘Cute Stuff Red’
  • ‘Gypsy’
  • ‘Just Sweet’
  • ‘Lady Belle’
  • ‘Mariachi’
  • ‘New Ace’
  • ‘Orange Blaze’
  • ‘Red Chili’
  • ‘Sweet Golden Baby Belle’
  • ‘Tangerine Dream’


[accordion-item autoclose=”true” clicktoclose=”true” title=”Radish” class=”Radish”]

  • ‘Champion’
  • ‘Comet’
  • ‘D’Avignon’
  • ‘Early Scarlet Globe’
  • ‘French Breakfast’
  • ‘Red Satin’
  • ‘Rido Red’
  • ‘Sparkler’
  • ‘White Icicle’


[accordion-item autoclose=”true” clicktoclose=”true” title=”Squash” class=”Squash”]

  • ‘Astia’
  • ‘Golden Scallopini Bush’
  • ‘Golden Zebra’
  • ‘Multipik’
  • ‘Supersett’
  • ‘Sweet Zuke’
  • ‘Zebra Zuke’


[accordion-item autoclose=”true” clicktoclose=”true” title=”Swiss Chard” class=”SwissChard”]

  • ‘Bright Lights’
  • ‘Fordhook Giant’
  • ‘Lucullus’
  • ‘Peppermint’


[accordion-item autoclose=”true” clicktoclose=”true” title=”Tomato” class=”Tomato”]

  • ‘Amish Paste’
  • ‘Atlas’
  • ‘Baby Boomer’
  • ‘Bush Big Boy’
  • ‘Bush Champion’
  • ‘Bush Early Girl’
  • ‘BushSteak’
  • ‘Celebrity’
  • ‘Champion Bush’
  • ‘Cherries Jubilee’
  • ‘Cherry Cascade’
  • ‘Cherry Falls’
  • ‘Cherry Punch’
  • ‘Cocktail Red Racer’
  • ‘Container Superbush’
  • ‘Early Resilience’
  • ‘Fantastico’
  • ‘Husky Red’
  • ‘Jet Star’
  • ‘Lizzano’
  • ‘Maglia Rosa’
  • ‘Orange Pixie’
  • ‘Patio’
  • ‘Patio Choice Red’
  • ‘Patio Choice Yellow’
  • ‘Patio Paste’
  • ‘Patio Princess’
  • ‘Peardrops’
  • ‘Pony Express’
  • ‘Power Pops
  • ‘Primo Red’
  • ‘San Marzano’
  • ‘Sunrise Sauce’
  • ‘Super Bush’
  • ‘Sweet ‘n’ Neat’
  • ‘Sweetheart of the Patio’
  • ‘Tasmanian Chocolate’
  • ‘Terenzo’
  • ‘Tidy Treats’
  • ‘Tumbler’
  • ‘Tumbling Tom Red’
  • ‘Tumbling Tom Yellow’
  • ‘Veranda Red’


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In addition to the vegetables listed above, most varieties of herbs and salad greens are perfectly suitable for containers.

For more information on vegetable varieties for containers and container gardening in general:  See Extension Bulletin A3382, Container Gardening, or contact your county Extension agent.

This Fact Sheet is also available in PDF format:

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